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Apr. 13th, 2016 @ 02:22 pm More books
Quantum Prophecy (Michael Carroll)

Another interesting YA superhero novel. Superheroes all disappeared or lost their powers mysteriously 13 years ago. Now the next generation are just starting to get their powers, which is a good excuse for why there's infrastructure for superheroes but the young ones are important.

The title refers to a prophecy by a superhero called Quantum, which is a bit of a cheat but probably better than trying to justify why it's quantum :) This bit is quite ominous, one of the powerful, good, but eccentric heroes had visions about some disaster involving one of the new generation, which underlies all the events.

But the main characters aren't very memorable, and it was ok but not great.

Conspiracy of Angels (Michelle Belanger)

Urban Fantasy about different orders of angels living on Earth, and the fallout of events from 1000 years ago. Great premise, but I wasn't interested enough to seek out sequels.

A Prospect of Vengeance (Penultimate Anthony Price)

I can't remember the title, but I think I read my way almost up to date with everything he wrote.

I love his books where minor characters are updated to viewpoint characters, and we get to see previous characters from the outside. But I find it hard to get into the books about completely new characters, like this one.

And it's true, I'd rather he'd kept writing about cold war books, even if that wasn't the real world, than try to cope with transitioning to a post-cold-war spy agency.

Girl Genius #11

Always fun, but this one was especially funny too.

Don't tell my parents I'm a supervillain (Richard Roberts)

Another reasonably good YA superhero novel. It handles people gaining powers in interesting ways, it makes explicit the "mad scientist" thing the hero does builds awesome one-offs which have to be re-purposed to the situation at hand. But it feels a bit pointless that being a supervillain is mostly just a name, there's not really anything "bad" about it.

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