cartesiandaemon (cartesiandaemon) wrote,

Daily Diary: September 2019

Still following the resolution of giving a daily diary for one day in the month.

I'm quite tired. I had a long thing last night that ended up running until about 1:30 or 2:00, and then I slept inconsistently too. I used to stay up that late all the time, but I don't know. So this morning I was tired, but I think my regular sleep routine.

Liv is living at home now, so we get up together! It's so nice to just have lazy getting up, hugs, tea and breakfast, etc. Except today I got up 20 min late. I have a radio alarm for 8:00 and usually get up then, or within 10-15 min at worst. So much better than I used to, when I used to sleep an alarm regularly.

Our house guest has found somewhere more long term, so we can be more relaxed about being dressed in the public areas of the house.

I usually check email and read daily webcomics while eating breakfast. There's some that update every day, some that update every weekday, one mon/wed/fri, one mon only, one mon/thu (but updates mid-afternoon our time and I somehow ended up thinking of the first update as tue).

And some chat with Liv. We try to chat a little in the morning but avoid too-interesting topics.

Then drive to work. A14 is constantly changing due to ongoing roadworks, but my commute is usually not impeded, except for all being 40mph, and sometimes a big queue leaving bar hill appears.

Day at work. Lunch break, with pot of something vege with cheese and bagel.

Tonight, gym. The last couple of weeks have been a bit disordered, so I'm still jogging but my stretches and weights have been a bit disruptive. Tue I swam, just a couple of lengths, but it was so nice. Need to keep that regular.

Then home, hopefully with few/no responsibilities tonight, but dinner, chat with Liv, maybe some reading or TV. Resisting the urge to do-all-the-things-I-haven't-had-time-for.

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