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May. 17th, 2017 @ 10:32 pm Life things
Driving to Bar Hill for work has been fine. It took a little adjustment, I kept not wanting to switch to cycling to go out in the evening (and if I come home first I find it very hard to go out again). But it doesn't take long, the traffic is not bad.

Although I'm not looking forward to doing it in the dark again, most is fine, but some of the junctions are a bit offputting.

Since I started working in Bar Hill I've been going to the gym there. I've very slowly got better from where I seemed to be to start with, but the last few weeks haven't improved much. Hopefully if I just keep at it, I will improve in spurts.

I've been keeping up month-by-month goals. Although several months have been more like a todo-list than a goal. I think I'd benefit from some that were even more focused on "just relax". In fact, I realise lots of productivity advice suggested month-by-month tracking of tasks and goals, but "one big one" was the way in that worked for my brain; previous attempts at similar things had me shy off thinking "I have to do everything and I can't".

Work is going ok. I still have many of the problems I've had actually getting progress done, but all *better* than they used to be, and longer periods of productivity. My first few weeks effort to close out distraction entirely failed though, I'm back to alternating work (where I get plenty done if I'm into it), and other faff.

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