Me: Time to get things done.

Me: Time to get things done.
My brain: Ooh, lets write a story where Tony Stark teases Bruce Banner about the six snakes he had to fight for theses defence.
Me: Exactly! Thank you, that's what I'm talking about. You can also comment at https://jack.dreamwidth.org/1131012.html using OpenID. comment count unavailable comments so far.

Alpacaoids in Coton

Alpacaoids at Coton!

Went for a muddy walk :) Think I went that way decades ago when it was a footpath behind the CMS, before a lot of the nice path was put in.

I cycled to West Cambridge site and walked along the cycle path bridge to Coton, dodging road works.

Near Coton church, looking very lively

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THREE SEPARATE stories about Greek n mythology

Now I'm consuming THREE SEPARATE stories about Greek n mythology: reading Percy Jackson, playing Hades, and reading digital comic Lore Olympus. It's not as confusing as you might think! All the characters are very different in each, but that COULD be the same people seen from different perspectives You can also comment at https://jack.dreamwidth.org/1130244.html using OpenID. comment count unavailable comments so far.

Vaccinations also rising


Nice to see the vaccination graph still going upwards. If that's accurate the UK is 4.5% vaccinated, rising at about 5% per month. (?) I hope we can ramp up further (we ideally need to get to like 170% or something) but that's a good start!

I know it's not meaningful but it feels nice to have numbers of people having been vaccinated starting to rival number of people who have been infected. You can also comment at https://jack.dreamwidth.org/1129993.html using OpenID. comment count unavailable comments so far.

Infections falling, deaths still rising

First good news, it looks like number of infections in UK (and London) have JUST started to fall. If so (and it's very early to be sure), that's some evidence lockdown #3 is working. I was genuinely scared it wasn't enough.

And genuinely scared that if it wasn't enough, the government would continue to double down on blaming people for exercising outside while infections climbed, and done nothing to address the most likely causes of infection (businesses and public transport where people HAVE to be indoors, but the guidance on how to minimise risks is outdated and unhelpful).

On the downside, deaths are still rising. Looks like it's worse than the first wave and hospitals will continue to struggle 🙁 You can also comment at https://jack.dreamwidth.org/1129788.html using OpenID. comment count unavailable comments so far.

Perseus Jackson vs Wolfy McWolface

I can't figure out why I'm more annoyed with the Percy Jackson characters not figuring out who "Perseus Jackson"'s father is, but not with the Harry Potter characters for not figuring out that the werewolf was "Wolfy McWolface"

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Birthday Party tomorrow (all online!)

Birthday party tomorrow (Sat) evening (c.f. https://jack.dreamwidth.org/1128589.html)

There are a variety of 'rooms' present as zoom breakout rooms, discord channels, and pages in a google sheet.

Zoom link: [see locked post] (online from this evening)
Discord link: [see locked post] (feel free to comment now)
Sheets link: [see locked post] (feel free to post pictures now)

I will make the rooms in a hurry tomorrow, but expect "hang out and chat" but maybe also "post pictures of yourself dressed up", "no politics chat", "the bar area", "hi I don't know anyone", "anyone for games?" etc. Some will be more active in video, some on text and spreadsheet. Feel free to look by earlier, drop in briefly, or hang out all evening.

If you've never used zoom before, you may want to make sure you have it ready (using desktop client, web interface, or mobile app). It's pretty straightforward but the user interface can be weird. If you installed the desktop client six months ago, you may want to download the latest version (5.3 or later).

If you've never used discord before you should be able to use it in the desktop app, desktop web browser, or mobile browser, and use the link to join my server, but you may want to check the link works. You can also comment at https://jack.dreamwidth.org/1129120.html using OpenID. comment count unavailable comments so far.

Birthday Party online Sat 9th Jan

It's my birthday next weekend, please come to my online party!

There will be a mix of different "rooms" in video chat, text chat, and possibly some sort of retro MMPORG designed for a mix of gentle chat, drinks, dressing up, games, as you feel like. I haven't tried this before so I hope it works well! I'll start about 7:30 and go for a few hours, but the time is inherently flexible.

I am sad not to see most of you in person, but glad to do something friends who live further away can potentially join in with.

I will post a link to join a day or so in advance so you have a chance to test it out. If you're not sure what you're doing, that's fine, just turn up.

Anyone I'm mutual with online is welcome to come along, even if you can't usually come! Let me know if there's anyone else you'd like to bring, that's also welcome. And anyone sharing a house with you is automatically welcome. You can also comment at https://jack.dreamwidth.org/1128589.html using OpenID. comment count unavailable comments so far.

10 things in 2020 (things 6-10)

6. I tried out digital drawing for Drawtober, mostly using Krita (open source paint program), and did one drawing a day during the month. You should be able to see them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10103380935724870&type=3 but ask me for a better link if you'd like.

I also wrote fanfic for the yuletide fanfic exchange (see previous post), and a few snippets and original fic. And experimented with making some board game designs including Pentacle-Assembling Demon Summoning game, Xenobotany game, Assassins Guild Annual DInner, etc.

7. We survived lockdown basically all year. We isolated from each other for two weeks at one point when it was the responsible thing to do, and probably it didn't make a difference but I'm glad we tried. We had evenings from the top and bottom of the stairs eating dinner and playing board games with each other electronically, like something out of a romantic drama. We had a lot of zoom and skype parties. We managed to visit each of our parents and a few other people outside, doing a day's drive without staying overnight. And saw the sea.

8. I tried out six different gyms, chose one, tried to set good habits, and then got set back by lockdown again and again. I am still trying to build a consistent improvement in jogging and weights, but I am making some progress there.

9. We continued our world film project from India to Japan, so less than one film a month, but it's been good to have in mind. At this rate we'll have finished in about 20 years :)

10. I continued on and off various projects to unfuck my brain reading some relevant books, trying to make time for some relevant exercises. I still don't have a good overview, but I feel like what I did was useful.

ETA: Link to fic https://archiveofourown.org/works/28297368 https://archiveofourown.org/works/28140054 You can also comment at https://jack.dreamwidth.org/1128395.html using OpenID. comment count unavailable comments so far.