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Mar. 28th, 2017 @ 10:21 pm GoT random musings with spoilers (at least for published books)
GoT random musings with spoilers (at least for published books). Now I'm going to witter a bit so the spoilers don't go into the first few lines. So, pumpkins are really quite ridged and orange, aren't they?

Targyarens can't be *completely* immune to fire, whatever is implied. Cf. doom of valyria :)

Hm. Barristan says that Varys told him there would be assassination attempts, not that Varys had specifically arranged them. I think this may be a bit of book-3 patching of book-1 problems, but it could still be *possible* Varys and Illyrio were keeping Dany as a back-up option or pathfinder for their pet Targyaren, if Varys couldn't stop "a lordship for whoever kills her" being announced, but didn't actually arrange any of the specific assassination attempts.

I like the red viper. I don't know why -- he's clearly a horrible person quickly dead. But I do.

Rereading the fourth and fifth books again, I enjoy them more. At the time I was completely exasperated by the time spent in Dorne and Iron Islands when I wasn't finding out about the characters I cared about. Now I know how futile that was :) I quite enjoy the other bits (with appropriate caveats about individually fail-y bits).

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